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Death Certificates where to get one?
Where death occurs in a hospital, the hospital authorities register the death and a copy of the Certificate may be obtained from the Office of Registration of Deaths & Births, Adelaide Street Cork, or the local Registration Office (a list of which areavailable) where the death occurs. Where death occurs at home the next of kin obtains a Certificate as to the cause of death from the doctor attending the deceased and takes the Certificate to his/her local Health Centre. Where a Post Mortem takes place it is the Coroner who registers the death and a copy of the Certificate again may be obtained at the Office of Registration of Deaths & Births, Adelaide Street, Cork. 021-4275126

Do I have to wait until I have registered the death before arranging the funeral?
No. Arranging the funeral services involves your Funeral Director discussing with you the type of funeral required, and offering you advice and information as appro- priate. This can be done as soon as you have made certain decisions about the funeral e.g. whether it is to be a burial or cremation

What about Death Grants Benefits?
Death Grant Benefits are payable on death of an insured person or of the spouse or dependent child of an insured person. The Grant is paid provided PRSI contributions are satisfied either on the deceased persons records or on that of the spouse or parent of the deceased. Only PRSI insurance contributions paid since 1st October 1970 are of value for this grant. Although a number of people may meet the insurance contribution, only one grant is paid in respect of each death. The grant is currently �850

Payments of Benefits after Death?
The scheme enables an adult dependent of a person who dies while receiving certain Social Welfare payments to continue receiving the payment for a period of six weeks. Where this happens other Social Welfare payments such as widows pensions arising out of the death will not become payable until the end of the 6 week period. Where to Contact? Department of Social Welfare (your local office)

Credit Unions
The Irish league of Credit unions has introduced a new benefit for members, a sum of �1269.74 will be paid towards funeral expenses. Your local Credit Union will advise you.

We have never been a religious family, do we have to have a Priest to take the service?
No, there is no requirement to hold a religious funeral service, and there are a number of alternatives. Perhaps a relative or friend could take the service if they feel able to do so. Other members of the congregation could speak or read verses of poems.
Ask Egans for more information or to organise a Humanist ceremony.